These people look strange 


Role: Director (Sorry, not the film kind)

Bruno founded The Classroom. Prior to this he spent a couple of years travelling the world and getting some of the worlds most privileged children into the likes of Eton and Harrow. This helped him realise that fantastic teaching and learning need not be the preserve of the privileged. This has led to The Classroom having a guiding principle that it should always make all of it's services as accessible as possible, no matter what the budget. He now oversees all of our alternative provision and exam services. He also owns a coffee shop, just because he really likes coffee and selling things. Go and buy some of his coffee, please.

Name: George Orwell II

Role: Reception

George likes having his tummy rubbed and barking at inanimate objects. He owns everything at The Classroom. Do not let him see you touch any of his things.

Name: Sasha

Role: Exams Officer

Sasha likes swimming, eating fish and working as part of a team. She is a very experienced teacher and Exams Officer and teaches at both our Poole and Southbourne centres. She is also really good at balancing a ball on her nose.

The best of the rest...

The Classroom has 22 other wonderful teachers. Many of our secondary teachers are very experienced examiners and our primary teachers know the curriculum inside out. Having a range of different specialists means that the centre is full of experience and passion. Our teachers are always asking each other questions which which probably makes them great role models for our students, but also kind of inefficient.

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