The leadership team


Role: Director (Sorry, not the film kind)

Bruno founded The Classroom group in 2016. The Classroom has grown and evolved and continues on a journey to help as many people as possible achieve their educational potential. The Classroom group of companies are privately owned and believe in responsible and ethical capitalism. Our structure is lean and efficient and we exist to get things done. All of our services are centred on effective and efficient service delivery.

Hannah Ball.GIF

Hannah Ball

Head of BTEC and Vocational Provision

Hannah has industry experience in the Health and Beauty sector having run her own successful salon for many years. Since leaving the industry Hannah has taught in colleges and schools spreading her passion for the BTEC subjects. She oversees our own BTECs as well as providing outreach and verification to independent providers.


Aidan Potter

Head of Engagement

Aidan is an engagement specialist who has previously worked in the public sector as an engagement officer to support disengaged children with getting back in to and sustaining placements in education settings. Aidan supports young people directly as well as liasing with a team of external professionals.


George Orwell

Role: boss

George likes having his tummy rubbed and barking at inanimate objects. He owns everything at The Classroom Group. Do not let him see you touch any of his things.