5 tips for preparing for the 11+ exam

February 26, 2017

Whether you have decided to do some preparation with your child at home or you are thinking of getting a tutor, these tips will help you to know where to start with preparing for the 11+ test.


1. Build up to the 11+ gradually over the months or year leading up to the tests if possible. It is important not to cram for the test as this will simply create a stressful and pressured environment for your child and will not help them to perform to their best on the day.


2. Create a plan that will help you to cover all of the topics that the test will include. Different schools use different tests so find out which tests are used for your local Grammar School.


3. There are some great practice papers on the Bond website including free resources (link here) that you can use to find out your child's strengths/weaknesses. Once you have done this, you can really focus your revision on the skills needed for questions that are normally a problem for your child.


4. An hour per session is ample time so that you are not overloading your child with information. Make sure you take some short breaks in this time to maximise attention span. When teaching a class or an individual student, I like to use brain breaks (link here) to allow students a breather and to refocus their concentration.


5. Exam strategies: Does your child know how long the exam will last? Do they know when to move on from a particular question if they are unsure of the answer? Do they mark the question so that they can return to it at the end? Giving your child  exam techniques will be an invaluable strategy to give your child the best possible chance of passing the 11+ test.



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5 tips for preparing for the 11+ exam

February 26, 2017

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