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Terrific news...The Classroom HQ in Poole is a fully accredited Exam Centre offering GCSE, GCE (A-level) as well as various other vocational and professional qualifications. The best part being that...We do accept external private candidates.

" Can I sit an exam with you?"

"No. JCQ regulations state that fizzy drinnks are not allowed in exams. You can have a drink but it  must be in a clear container."

When can you sit the exams?


GCSE exams are held in May/June time every year. Entries can be made from the middle of October onwards. Beware however that if you leave it too long then you will be subject to late fees (these can really mount up so best to book early!) IGCSE exams are also held in January of each year. Although exams are available in November of each year as well, these are only available to resit candidates (you must have sat the same exam in the May/June that preceded it).

A Level

We offer a range of A Level exams both with and without NEA (coursework). There are additional fees for the grading of NEA material as it is very time consuming and often a right head scratcher!

Please note- We are no longer accepting registrations for GCSe or IGCSE Maths or English language for May 2020

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Exam services fees list A Level/GCSE 2019-20

Candidate request for exam registration

The Anxious Exam Centre

There is a difference between being worried about your exams and attempting to tackle your exams with anxiety following your every move. We can't put a stop to that anxiety I'm afraid, although we would if we could, but we can do our best to help manage the anxiety during your exams. We are able to offer an "anxiety friendly" exam space for those who feel it may benefit them. We use smaller rooms that seat a maximum of 8 candidates and have carefully designed them to make them feel as little like an alien exam space as possible. There are of course a considerable amount of regulations concerning the administration of exams and we must preserve the integrity of the examination process. We do however have additional invigilators, flexibility (within specified parameters) regarding start time, the ability to take breaks (you will be watched like a hawk by a nice person and can't go near any reference materials or electronic devices), familiarisation visits to meet staff and explore the centre and carefully designed spaces.

We have very limited spaces for those who feel they need additional support as mentioned above. We do also have to charge more for the simple reason that less people are being observed by more invigilators, but if you feel this is something that could support you to get through your exams then do please get in touch and we can discuss it detail with you.

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