KS3 and GCSE English and Maths 121 Tuition

Teach Wessex are delighted to be able to offer the following...

Individual tuition is a tried and tested method of seeing a quick improvement in attainment. Private tutoring isn't a magic bullet that solves all of a students learning issues but with regular attendance and a good work ethic it can make a big difference. One to one support can be a good stepping stone into small group support or can be used to boost students in the short term. Each lesson is tailored to each individual student and works best when delivered alongside the school curriculum. It is a great way to cover those bits that didn't quite click in class so that students feel empowered to demonstrate their true potential in the whole class and, ultimately, the exam environment. Schools do a fantastic job and individual tuition supports this work. Undoubtedly your child's teacher would like an hour to sit down with each student and cover those bits they're not secure on, unfortunately the busy school day just can't allow for this. Our teachers are their to support this wonderful work and can be a really engaging extension to the school day.

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