Please note that The Classroom Group no longer providers private tuition services. We are delighted to be able introduce you to who provide the  services listed below.

 Key Stage 2 group sessions  
Our Key Stage 2 group classes are a supportive and nurturing environment for students to build skills and confidence. 
 Maths and English 121 tutoring
Our resident word-smiths and mathematicians have taught English and Maths in every Key Stage and many have years of experience as GCSE and A-level examiners (and they're really nice).
 121 Primary tutoring
English, Maths and wider curriculum sessions are available 121 with one of our experienced Primary School teachers.
 11+ preparation
We are the most extensive provider of 11+ preparation in Dorset. We coach children to achieve their potential in the 11+ exam.
English and Maths small group tuition
KS3/GCSE English and Maths group tuition available.
Group tuition is a great, cost effective way to make learning a positive routine. It is a fantastic environment in which to build skills and enjoy learning alongside other motivated students.
Other subjects
We have a big network of local teachers in all specialisms so if there is any subject you would like additional support with we may be able to  connect  you with the right teacher, either at our centre, or just a helpful suggestion for you to make your own arrangements with...

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me these questions then I'd have less than a pound.

Do you offer lessons at home?

No, we conduct all of our lessons at our specialist centres. Our centres are full of resources and you can be sure that the tutors are qualified, DBS checked and fully insured. Our strength comes from having such a wide range of committed professionals all under one roof.

What is the maximum group size?

This depends on the age range of the group and whether it is a general or focused group. It will either be 4 or 6 students in the group. This allows us to offer individual feedback throughout the lesson.

Are all of your tutors experienced?

Yes, all of our tutors are trained teachers and are either currently working in local schools or have extensive experience in teaching their specific subject and are now exclusively tutoring.

Do any of your teachers have experience with Special Educational Needs?

Yes, we have teachers who have worked in Special Educational Needs schools.

Do you offer half an hour lessons?

Yes, we offer a range of different duration sessions.


Monjaloola (that is a synonym for money)


60 mins £32.50

45 mins £25.00

60 mins £22.00 PP

45 mins £18.00 PP


Group of 4

60 mins £16.50 PP

Group of 6

60 mins £12.50 PP

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