Alternative Provision @ The Classroom Group

If you know what AP stands for then you are probably a social worker or engagement officer, in which case I won't waste your time by explaining what it is. If you have any youngsters who require an EOTAS placement then by all means get in touch. We offer full BTEC and GCSE or A level packages, with examination and certification included. We're not EBSD focused and aren't a behavioural unit. We do have expertise in SEND and mental health however and have a solid track record of getting students much needed qualifications. If you want to discuss it further then please call or email the office and our Director of Services will get back to you to discuss what we can offer. This includes; Functional Skills, GCSE, A Level, work experience programmes, ESOL and more.

You look like a happy sausage...

I am. Thank you.


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