The Classroom centres are private exam and learning spaces. We offer exam services for students of all ages and welcome private candidates as well as referrals from commissioning bodies. We have 2 centres in Dorset; Ashley Cross (Poole) and Southbourne (Bournemouth). Ashley Cross is our current HQ.
Why do we do it? 
Because we can. If you call us then we do our best to say yes, we don't find barriers. We're here to get it done!
Who is suitable for?
All of you. Almost.
What now?
Give us a call and let us get it sorted for you. Whether it's a Functional Skills certificate, a GCSE in a private calm space or A level coursework that needs marking. Get in touch and let's get it done.

Primarily The Classrooms are learning environments that specialise in removing barriers to learning and qualifications. We offer access to a range of exams for private candidates as well offering alternative provision for students who are unable to access mainstream education. As well as our core services we also offer a very well established private teaching service for students from 5-18 years of age, who are currently attending school. Our centres are full of learning from early till late.


During the day our centres are full of people of all ages who are learning a whole range things. As evening approaches our centres are turned over to our tuition teachers who run a number of well established programmes, as well as offering 121 services.

We run a very effective and well established 11+ preparation programme. Alongside this we have group sessions for year 11 students in English and Maths. These lessons are taught by experienced and qualified teachers, offer a great student to adult ratio and allow students to work collaboratively. It is a great opportunity for students to get some meaningful one to one time with a teacher!


​Parents and students frequently comment on how calm and relaxing our centres are. This is no accident...hours of forethought, days of design and years of experience have all gone into designing the right spaces. They are the perfect alternative to the wonderfully loud and busy environment of the modern school.

"Sitting my exams at The Classroom made all the difference. Thank you!"

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